Message from the Pastor

Welcome to the website of Beryl Baptist Church.  We hope this will serve as a window to allow you to look in on some of our members, ministries, meetings, and our Master.  Our goal is to introduce you to the Lord Jesus Christ.  For those who already know Him, we want to encourage you in your walk with Him.

Beryl Baptist Church is a conservative church located in the town of Vilonia.

We are a church that loves people and loves missions.  We believe missions is the heartbeat of God, and therefore we want to be very involved in world wide missions.

We are a church with great diversity in our membership.  Though a small church by some standards (150-200 worship attendance), we do things in a big way, as you will see when you take the time to look at our website.

It is my honor to be called the pastor of Beryl Baptist Church.  My love for its people, excitement for its ministry, and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, is a love that keeps growing the longer we serve Him together.  We would love to communicate with you through email, phone, letter, or maybe you could come visit with us some day here at Beryl Baptist.  Until then know this, that God’s people care about you and Jesus Christ is Lord.

Until He Comes,

Brother Wade Lentz