Beryl Baptist History


The History of Beryl Baptist Church

On August 25, 1889 about 32 members of the Old Liberty Church met to organize a new church, the New Liberty Church.

On 1907, the church was referred to as the “New Liberty Baptist Church” or “The New Liberty Missionary Baptist Church.”

In 1912, the Southern Baptist Convention members of the “New Liberty Baptist Church” began meeting at Jeffries School House.

Then in 1916, the people began meeting in a Presbyterian Church building. The Presbyterians deeded the building back to Mr. W. E. Graddy who in turn deeded the property to the members of the “New Liberty at Beryl.” This name remained until October 1940 when the name was changed to “Beryl Baptist Church.” A native stone building was completed in 1947 and was used for worship until 1978.

The church built its first parsonage in 1967 and installed a baptistery in the church in 1968. An educational wing was added to the present building in 1970. A new brick auditorium was completed in 1978.

The church purchased 1½ acres in 1987 and an additional acre in 1988. Beryl Baptist Church celebrated 100 years of ministry in August of 1989 with special services.

A new “Family Life Center” building was completed early in 1996. In 1999, an addition was made to the building to accommodate a garage and storage room.

In February of 2002 demolition began on the stone building to make room for a new 500 capacity auditorium which was dedicated for use on May 18, 2003. The sanctuary that was built in 1978 was then remodeled into classrooms and moved into on May 7, 2006.

In 2008 the Family Life Center was expanded again, to make room for a Children’s wing and a Youth area on the west side.